Electronic cigarettes F.A.Q.

When you think about how long the traditional cigarettes have been around and how long the electronic ones have been around, it is safe to say that electronic cigarettes are in their infancy and as it so often goes, people have tons of question about the new kid on the playground. They want those questions answered before they can decide whether they will want to buy electronic cigarettes and start smoking them. We would like to look at some of these questions and give our objective and factual answers to them.

Question 1: how do electronic cigarettes work?

Answer 1: Electronic cigarettes are actually quite simple when it comes to their mechanism of action. They have a battery which produces energy for the atomizer. This atomizer is the part of the cigarette which heats up the liquid which is contained in the cartridge (the part that looks like the filter on a regular cigarette). This liquid is then turned to vapor and you inhale this vapor. This vapor is flavored with food flavors and it can also contain nicotine if you wish it to. You can always go for electronic cigarettes that have no nicotine in them at all.

Question 2: are electronic cigarettes harmful for the health?

Answer 2: All of the studies that were conducted so far have shown that electronic cigarettes are either entirely harmless for the health or that they are at least much, much healthier than smoking real cigarettes. There have been some studies that have shown that the vapor may contain some harmful matters, but some other studies have shown that these matters were present in amounts that were 1000 times smaller than necessary to cause any harmful effects to the human body. In short, there is no smoke and no inhaling of the carcinogen matters. In addition to this, electronic cigarettes do not produce second hand smoke, which is another huge plus.

Question 3: are electronic cigarettes safe?

Answer 3: yes they are. For one, they do not produce any flame that could result in an accidental fire or anything like that. There have been some reports of people experiencing smaller electricity discharges and stuff like that, but these were all cases in which low-cost non-branded electronic cigarettes were used, manufactured in god knows what kinds of factories and in parts of the world where the manufacturing process is not regulated in any way.

Question 4: what kind of flavors there are?

Answer 4: There are dozens of various flavors that you can get with your electronic cigarettes. Of course, it depends on the manufacturer and what kind of flavors they offer. However, there are several that you can count on from most manufacturers and these include a few tobacco flavors, menthol, cherry, coffee and vanilla flavors that are considered staples. Some manufacturers have some more exotic flavors, like for example peach or pina colada or strawberry and so on. The good news is that new flavors are coming out all the time and that you will never grow tired of old flavors.

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